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Student Registration

Hurricane Ida Student Registration 
If you are displaced due to Hurricane Ida and need to register your child, please use the Find Your School App located below to determine the school closest to your temporary housing location. You can register at your closest school starting Monday, September 13, 2021 during school hours.

2021-2022 Student Registration
Registration takes place through the online registration portal or in person by appointment only.

Online Registration Portal

In-Person Registration
Contact the school to make an appointment.

Current STPPS students do not have to register again unless transferring from the STPPS Virtual School.

The Virtual School was a temporary response to COVID-19. Instead of a virtual school, our schools will offer an in-person, face-to-face learning environment this year. Students learn best with direct instruction from a teacher. We have technology in place for students to continue learning through Google Classroom and Google Meet in case of quarantine or illness. Former virtual school students who will remain in STPPS will need to be registered at the physical school in their attendance zone before school begins. 

Apply for STPPS Pre K
All applicants, including those who are seeking paid tuition Pre K spots, must complete this application to begin the application process.

STPPS Pre K Information and Application

Find Your School
To find the school your child will attend, type your address (without the city and state) into the Find Your School App.

Registration Documents
Please have the following documents ready to upload into the registration portal.

  1. State Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization (Shot) Records
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Proof of Residency

For proof of residency, provide 3 of the documents listed below (must be most current available and list name of parent/guardian and street address).

At least 1 document must be from this list:

  • a current utility bill dated within the last 30 days (electric, natural gas, water or propane/butane); and/or
  • a property tax bill listing homestead exemption, or
  • a signed real estate lease agreement from a real estate office, apartment complex or mobile home property, not from an individual

Other documents may be selected from this list:

  • paycheck stub
  • car insurance declarations page
  • vehicle registration
  • bank statement
  • voter registration card
  • state/federal support services

Other documents may be required at the time of registration including custody papers, report card/records from last school, or income verification for Pre-K students.

After completing the registration process online, the submission will be reviewed and a staff member will follow-up with any additional information or documents needed to complete registration or confirmation the registration is complete.

If you do not have these documents, please contact the Covington Attendance Office at 985-898-3370 or the Slidell Attendance Office at 985-646-4917 for assistance.

Registering Pre Kindergarten Students
 | How to Apply
To qualify for free Pre K, a child must be 4 years old on or before September 30, live within the attendance boundary of the school and meet income requirements. Paid tuition spots may be available for those who do not meet the income requirements if all seats are not filled.

For specific information about student eligibility, placement or the screening process visit www.stpsb.org/prek or call the St. Tammany Parish Pre K Office at 985-898-3306.

Registering Kindergarten Students
A child must be 5 years old by September 30 to be eligible for kindergarten.

Students who were enrolled in an STPPS Pre K program during the previous school year do not need to register again for kindergarten if they will be attending the same school.

Registering First Grade Students
A child must be 6 years old by September 30 to be eligible for first grade.

Students who attended and completed a public school kindergarten during the previous school year will not be required to register again for the first grade.
To enroll in first grade, a student must have proof of attendance at a full-day public or private kindergarten for a full academic year or have passed academic readiness screening at the time of enrollment at the school the child will attend.

Transferring Students
Students transferring to another STPPS school in a different attendance zone due to moving should contact their current school for assistance.

For additional information about registration, contact the Attendance offices at the following locations:

Covington Attendance Office
Harrison Curriculum Center
706 West 28th Avenue in Covington

Slidell Attendance Office
Slidell Annex

980 Ninth Street in Slidell

This school district will comply with all laws relating to the enrollment and education, as far as practicable, of all students regardless of their citizenship or homeless status.

The document requirements for registration and enrollment will not be used to adversely affect any student from receiving an education regardless of their citizenship or homeless status.

Other documents may be required at the time of registration including custody papers, report card/records from last school, or income verification for Pre-K students.